Ever lost a ring, or maybe your keys?

We're assembling a global team to help you find those things you've lost. We know they mean so much to you, and we'd love to help you get them back!

We do this at no cost, but ask that you consider rewarding those "hounds" that help you. Rewards could come in the form of money to say thanks, or perhaps you could grant them permission to swing a metal detector around your yard in the hopes that they might find other interesting things which were lost previously.

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Our hounds are always looking to help!

We do this as a hobby, love what we do, and love the look on someone's face when we can help them find something important that they've lost.

We're also usually looking for new places to explore and search with our metal detectors. If you have property and can give some of our folks permission to search, that would always be a great way to thank us for any help we can offer!

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We'll do our best return your lost ring!

Please spread the word when this happens! Use the "hashtag" #ringhounds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. We'd love to see your precious items returned!